Course: Teaching Practice

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Course title Teaching Practice
Course code CBG/PPZG
Organizational form of instruction Seminar
Level of course Master
Year of study not specified
Semester Summer
Number of ECTS credits 2
Language of instruction Czech
Status of course Compulsory, Compulsory-optional
Form of instruction Face-to-face
Work placements This is not an internship
Recommended optional programme components None
  • Pluháčková Markéta, Mgr.
  • Stacke Václav, RNDr. Ph.D.
Course content
Continuous teaching practice of student under a supervision of methodist at selected school type.

Learning activities and teaching methods
Internship, Clinical practice under supervision, Individual study
  • Individual project (40) - 15 hours per semester
  • Contact hours - 10 hours per semester
professional knowledge
to describe the influence of teaching methods and organisation forms on pupils activisation and motivation
to explain the mechanism of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
to explain the ways of evaluation and give examples
professional skills
to analyze the position of geography in curriculum documents
to define the aims of lesson
put together the preparation for lesson with all necessities
learning outcomes
professional knowledge
to formulate the aims and content of lessons in connection to curriculum
to defent the preparation for lesson considering the aims of lesson
professional skills
to apply the preparation for lesson in practise
to identify the pupil reactions to different situations during the lesson and to adapt the course of lesson appropriately (changing of teaching methods, organisation forms, manner of motivation, timing etc.)
to analyze the past lesson according to the accomplishment of aims and according to the selected methods
to reflect the previous experiences by preparing the future lessons
teaching methods
professional knowledge
Group discussion
Clinical practice under supervision
Individual study
assessment methods
Individual presentation at a seminar
professional skills
Skills demonstration during field trip
Individual presentation at a seminar
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Study plans that include the course
Faculty Study plan (Version) Branch of study Category Recommended year of study Recommended semester
Faculty of Applied Sciences Training Teachers of Mathematics at Higher Secondary Scholls (2016) Pedagogy, teacher training and social care 1 Summer
Faculty of Applied Sciences Training Teachers of Mathematics at Higher Secondary Scholls (2016) Pedagogy, teacher training and social care 1 Summer