List of courses for selected education branch: Agriculture and forestry

Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
CBG/DIPE Methodol. of Teaching Cultivation for BS Winter and summer Czech 1  
CBG/ENVR Environmental Education Winter and summer Czech 4  
CBG/PEP1 Practical Cultivation Course Summer Czech 2  
CBG/PEST Cultivation 1 Winter Czech 2  
KEE/BIE Bioenergetics Winter Czech 3  
KEE/EKO2 Ecology 2 Summer Czech 4  
KGE/EG1 Economic Geography 1 Winter Czech 4  
KGE/GMO Geography of Small Areas Winter Czech 2  
KHI/EX1H 5day Exursion for 1st year Students Summer Czech 2  
KMT/AAO Astronomy for Everybody Winter and summer Czech 2  
KMT/AI Astronomy and Internet Winter and summer Czech 2  
KMT/MTTGC Materials and Technologies C Winter and summer Czech 3