List of courses for selected education branch: Transportation and communications

Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
KAE/NKS Navigation and Communic. sys. in transp. Summer Czech 4  
KAE/TZD Railway Telecommunications Winter Czech 4  
KAE/URD Introduction to Transport Control Winter Czech 2  
KAE/ZTD1 Railway Signalling Systems 1 Summer Czech 5  
KAE/ZTD2 Railway Signalling Systems 2 Winter Czech 4  
KEE/MS Power Network Modelling Winter Czech, English 4 The course is available to visiting students
KEE/PTZ Stationary Traction Equipment Summer Czech 3  
KET/AED Acoustics and ergonomics in vehicles Winter Czech 4  
KEV/ETR Electrical Traction Summer Czech 5  
KEV/PEP Design of Electrical Drives Winter Czech 5  
KEV/PEZ Design of Electrical Equipment Winter Czech 5  
KEV/PPK Computer-Aided Design Winter and summer Czech, English 5 The course is available to visiting students
KEV/PRSE Programming in Electrical Engineering Summer Czech 4  
KEV/RRV Control of Electric Vehicles Winter Czech 4  
KEV/TRP Traction drives Winter Czech 6  
KEV/ZDI Fundamentals of Transport Engineering Winter Czech 3  
KIV/VINF Information Visualization Winter and summer Czech 6  
KKS/CAE Computer-Aided Design Summer Czech, English 3 The course is available to visiting students
KMA/ZNP Fundamentals of Random Processes Winter Czech, English 6 The course is available to visiting students
KME/MDP Mechanics of Transport Vehicles Summer Czech 4  
KME/MV Mechanics of Vehicles Winter Czech 4  
KMT/AAO Astronomy for Everybody Winter and summer Czech 2  
KMT/AI Astronomy and Internet Winter and summer Czech 2  
KMT/DVTC Traffic Education Winter and summer Czech 2  
KMT/TES1 Technical Seminar 1 Winter Czech 3  
KMT/TES2 Technical Seminar 2 Winter and summer Czech 3