List of courses for selected education branch: Architecture

Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
KDE/APN Spatial Design Winter and summer Czech 4  
KFI/OEA1 Focus on European architecture 1 Winter Czech 3  
KFI/OEA2 Focus on European architecture 2 Summer Czech 3  
KGE/GISB1 GIS 1 Summer Czech 4  
KGE/GISZ Application of GIS at Schools Winter and summer Czech 2  
KGE/GMO Geography of Small Areas Winter Czech 2  
KGE/PREG Practical Training (Regional Economy) Winter Czech 3  
KGE/REE Regional Economy Winter and summer Czech 4  
KGE/REG1 Regional Economy and Regional Politics Winter and summer Czech 3  
KGE/RMM Regional and City Management - Marketing Winter and summer Czech 4  
KGE/ÚP Regional Planning and Urbanism Winter and summer Czech 5  
KGE/URBIO Urban Geography Winter and summer Czech 3  
KGM/STKP1 Landscape in Territorial Planning 1 Winter Czech 3  
KGM/STKP2 Landscape in Territorial Planning 2 Summer Czech 2  
KHI/ARCZČ Architecture of West Bohemia Winter and summer Czech 2  
KHI/EX1H 5day Exursion for 1st year Students Summer Czech 2  
KHI/KVR Cultural Development of Region Summer Czech 2  
KIV/VINF Information Visualization Winter and summer Czech 6  
KME/FM1 Facility Management I. Summer Czech 4  
KME/FM2 Facility management II. Winter Czech 5  
KME/KTFM Communic. Tech. in Facility Management Winter Czech 3  
KME/POS Building Construction Summer Czech 7  
KME/PSFM Case Study - Facility management Summer Czech 3  
KME/PSSD Case Study - Building Development Summer Czech 4  
KME/SN Real Estate Management Winter Czech 7  
KME/TFA2 Technical and Physical Analysis 2 Winter Czech 3  
KME/TZB Building Services Winter Czech 5  
KMT/AAO Astronomy for Everybody Winter and summer Czech 2  
KMT/AI Astronomy and Internet Winter and summer Czech 2  
KMT/DETEM History of Technical Development Winter and summer Czech 2  
KNJ/DPUV History of the University of Prague Summer Czech 2  
KNJ/EJPDI Work with European Language Portfolio Winter Czech 2  
KPM/ZMS Fundamentals of Build. Industry Winter and summer Czech 3  
KTV/DIPRA Methodology of Modern Aerobic Forms Summer Czech 2