Faculty Faculty of Education (FPE)
Study programme Specialization in Pedagogy (B7507)
Branch of study Russian Language in Education (7507R060/0 - 1)
Level of acquired qualification Bachelor
Form of study Full-time
Standard length of study 3 years
Number of ECTS credits 180
Qualification awarded Bachelor (Bc.)
Access to further studies Master study programme  
Type of completion State Final Exam
Study and Examination Code URL
Faculty coordinator for international students
Sirotek Vladimír, PaedDr. CSc.
Email: sirotek@kch.zcu.cz
Phone: 377636007
Key learning outcomes Graduates prove understanding and knowledge of linguistic, literary theoretical and general linguistic terminology and methodology, mastering general linguistic theories both on synchronic and diachronic level, knowledge of contemporary Russian language across all language levels, place of Russian language in the system of European languages, mastering basic methods used in the theory of literature, orientation in the evolution of contemporary Russian literature. They are capable of expert linguistic analysis of contemporary written and spoken text, they master literary language on level B2. They distinguish among different communinqués from the point of view of stylistics, after previuos preparation, and with translation available, analyse esthetic quality of the literary text. They are capable of unsupported work in the domain, acquiring important information relevant to the area of study, studying professional resources on various topics, interpreting and applying them on the solution of particular problems in the domain of Russian language and literature. They can write longer texts on given topics (e. g. papers, yearly academic thesis, etc.).
Specific admission requirements Passing a written entrance examination
Specific provisions for recognition of prior learning General Rules for the Recognition of Previous Studies
Qualification requirements and regulations 180 ECTS credits, Bachelor Thesis, Final State Examination
Profile of the programme This study programme is designed as an academic one. It consists of blocks of theoretical courses dealing with the field of theoretical courses dealing with the field of the Russian language, russian cultural studies and russian literature. At the same time, it comprises a block/blocks of courses focusing on exploiting theoretical background in practice and on acquiring skills that the graduate can apply in various positions, for example, that require knowlege of Russian or in training for the teaching profession. The programme also includes practical training/study mobility. This study programme is designed to equip the future graduate with theoretical background and skills necessary for study in a follow-up Master's study programme in a related field of study, namely the teaching of Russian at elementary schools. In addition, after successfully completing this study programme, the graduate can apply for positions in various fields where the knowlege of Russian is required.
Persistence requirements unspecified
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples educational field
Branch of study guarantor Valova Liudmila, Doc. CSc.
Course list by year of study and semester