Courses of department: KKY

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Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
KKY/AGT Agent Technologies Winter Czech 6  
KKY/AKS Application of Cybernetics to Mech. Eng. Winter Czech 4  
KKY/AKSZ Applied Cybernetics Summer Czech 0  
KKY/APK Algorithms and Programming in Cybernetic Winter Czech 5  
KKY/ARŘ Speech Analysis and Recognition Winter Czech 6  
KKY/AS Adaptive Systems Winter Czech 6  
KKY/AŘ Automatic Control Winter Czech 6  
KKY/AŘ1 Automatic Control 1 Winter Czech 4  
KKY/AŘ2 Automatic Control 2 Summer Czech 3  
KKY/AŘSZ Automatic Control Summer Czech 0  
KKY/BBS Biometric and Security Systems Winter Czech 5  
KKY/BIO Biocybernetics Winter and summer Czech 4  
KKY/BKSZ Biocybernetics Summer Czech 0  
KKY/BPIB Thesis Tutorial IS Summer Czech 12  
KKY/BPIK Thesis Tutorial IC Summer Czech 12  
KKY/BPKŘT Thesis Tutorial Winter and summer Czech 12  
KKY/BPPŘ Thesis Tutorial CC Summer Czech 12  
KKY/BZIB Bachelor State Final Exam IS Summer Czech 0  
KKY/BZIK Bachelor State Final Exam IC Summer Czech 0  
KKY/BZKŘT Cybernetics and Control Engineering Winter and summer Czech 0  
KKY/BZPŘ Bachelor State Final Exam CC Summer Czech 0  
KKY/CNT Human and New Technologies Winter Czech 5  
KKY/DHŘ Decentralized and Hierarchical Control Winter Czech 6  
KKY/DP Thesis Tutorial Summer Czech 18  
KKY/DPZ Remote Sensing Winter Czech 5  
KKY/DR Diagnostics and Decision Processes Winter Czech 6  
KKY/HDS Spoken Dialogue Systems Summer Czech 6  
KKY/HKUI History of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence Winter Czech 2  
KKY/ISF System Identification and Filtration Summer Czech 6  
KKY/ITE Internet Technologies Summer Czech 5  
KKY/IŘS1 Information and Control Systems 1 Summer Czech, English 6 The course is available to visiting students
KKY/IŘS2 Information and Control Systems 2 Winter Czech 6  
KKY/IŘSZ Information and Control Systems Summer Czech 0  
KKY/KKOL Quantitative and Corpus Linguistic Winter Czech 5  
KKY/KY Cybernetics Winter Czech 4  
KKY/LS1 Linear Systems 1 Winter Czech 6  
KKY/LS2 Linear Systems 2 Summer Czech, German 6  
KKY/MATL Matlab Summer Czech 2  
KKY/MCT Mathematical Control Theory Winter English 5 The course is available to visiting students
KKY/MPV Computer Vision Methods Winter Czech 6  
KKY/MS1 Modelling and Simulation 1 Summer Czech 6  
KKY/MS2 Modelling and Simulation 2 Winter Czech, English 6 The course is available to visiting students
KKY/MTR Mechatronics - state exam Summer Czech 0  
KKY/NEU Neural Networks Winter Czech 6  
KKY/NEUH Neural Networks for Humanities Summer Czech 6  
KKY/NS Nonlinear Systems Winter Czech 6  
KKY/NSES Neural Networks and Evolutionary Strategies Winter Czech 6  
KKY/NŘS Control System Design Summer Czech 6  
KKY/OA Operational Analysis Winter Czech 6  
KKY/OBIB Defence of Bachelor Thesis IS Summer Czech 0  
KKY/OBIK Defence of Bachelor Thesis IC Summer Czech 0  
KKY/OBPŘ Defence of Bachelor Thesis CC Summer Czech 0  
KKY/OKŘT Defence of Master (Ing.) Thesis Summer Czech 0  
KKY/OKŘTB Defence of Bachelor Thesis Summer Czech 0  
KKY/OPS Optimal Systems Summer Czech 6  
KKY/OŘRS Defence of Master (Ing.) Thesis Summer Czech 0  
KKY/PFV Transducers of Physical Quantities Winter and summer Czech 6  
KKY/POS Computer Systems Summer Czech 5  
KKY/POSS Computer Systems and Networks Summer Czech 5  
KKY/PP Software for Control Systems Winter Czech 6  
KKY/PRJ2 Semester Project 2 Summer Czech 3  
KKY/PRJ3 Semester Project 3 Winter Czech 3  
KKY/PRJ4 Semester Project 4 Summer Czech 3  
KKY/PRJ5 Semester Project 5 Winter Czech 5  
KKY/PRX Instrumentation of Control Systems Winter Czech 6  
KKY/PS Industrial Control Systems Winter Czech 6  
KKY/PSR Principles of Electronic Control Systems Winter Czech 4  
KKY/RLS Robust Control of Linear Systems Winter Czech 6  
KKY/ROSZ Decision Systems Summer Czech 0  
KKY/RVB Control and use of unmanned aerial vehicles Summer Czech 3  
KKY/SIMUL Simulink Winter and summer Czech 2  
KKY/SM Systems and Models Summer Czech 4  
KKY/SMR Structural Pattern Recognition Winter Czech 6  
KKY/SPC Semester Project Winter and summer Czech 6  
KKY/SRP Shadow Speaker Training Summer Czech 3  
KKY/SRU Introduction in Shadow Speaker Practice Winter Czech 4  
KKY/STP Stochastic Systems and Processes Summer Czech 6  
KKY/SUR Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Winter Czech 6  
KKY/SVP Systems of Perception and Understanding Winter Czech, English 6  
KKY/SWAP SW Development for Automotive Industry Winter English 3 The course is available to visiting students
KKY/SYA System Analysis Winter Czech 5  
KKY/SZPJ Automatic Natural Language Processing Summer Czech 6  
KKY/TOD Estimation Theory and Signal Processing Winter Czech 6  
KKY/TPB Theory and practice of unmanned flying Summer Czech 2  
KKY/TPŘ Control System Instrumentation Winter Czech 6  
KKY/TŘ Control Theory Summer Czech 4  
KKY/TŘSZ Control Theory Summer Czech 0  
KKY/UBOI An Introduction into Computer Security and Information Protection Winter Czech 5  
KKY/UI Artificial Intelligence Winter Czech, English, French 6 The course is available to visiting students
KKY/UIM Introduction to Engineering Modelling Winter Czech 2  
KKY/UISZ Artificial Intelligence Summer Czech 0  
KKY/URM Introduction to Robotics and Mechatronics Winter Czech 6  
KKY/USK Pattern Recognition Summer Czech 6  
KKY/USVP Introduction to Machine Perception Summer Czech 6  
KKY/UUI Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Summer Czech 5  
KKY/VŘS Embedded Control Systems Summer Czech 4  
KKY/ZDO Digital Image Processing Winter and summer Czech, English 6 The course is available to visiting students
KKY/ZIS Introduction to System Identification and Fault Detection Winter Czech 5  
KKY/ZKY Fundamentals of Cybernetics Summer Czech 3  
KKY/ZKYI Basics of Cybernetics for Informatics Winter Czech 3  
KKY/ZMB Introduction to Cellular System Modeling Winter and summer English 5 The course is available to visiting students
KKY/ZSI Signal processing Summer Czech 6  
KKY/ZSK Signal Processing for Classification Summer Czech, English 6 The course is available to visiting students
KKY/ZSUR Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Recognition Winter Czech 6  
KKY/ZSY Expert Systems Summer Czech 6  
KKY/ZUI Fundamentals of Artifical Intelligence Winter Czech 4  
KKY/ŘISZ Control Systems Summer Czech 0  
KKY/ŘRSZ Control and Decision Systems Summer Czech 0